About Us

We are a small bespoke online fashion retailer run by a tight group of active, motivated, young individuals like you, aiming to provide our customers with affordable and awesome, handmade t-shirts and wallet phone cases for both men and women.
Our in-house team of 2 passionate employees work tirelessly to ensure we design the best tee's and wallet phone cases for our customers. We commission artwork from world-class artists and illustrators and only produce a limited number of handmade t-shirts and wallet  phone cases with these prints.
We acknowledge we’re not a leading online retailer, but we are here to define the future of retail - yes we are small, but have ambitions of future growth, to be a staple for anyone looking to a unique item of clothing, not sold anywhere else in the world.

We appreciate your patronage. Please interact with our Instagram and Facebook page and share photos of you wearing our products.

the Cotton Alley Team

For further questions just shoot us an email at support@cottonalley.com